Terms and Conditions

Regulations are important if you would like to access or activate any service. Being an independent service provider, we are focused to offer excellent support to customers who contact us .Visit our webpage go-roku-net.com and you will receive a prompt to accept the terms and conditions, privacy policies and other regulations .Unless you accept and adhere to the regulations, it’s hard to proceed further to activate our service .It's the terms and conditions and Privacy policies that are important and let us provide few updates here

Our service

If you are a Roku device user, reach out to our customer support for Roku setup, troubleshooting, activation assistance and much more. The quality and timely support, the reason why customers contact us and we have a team certified to answer any queries and concerns that you have

Rules and Regulations to follow

It’s the rules and regulations that safeguard the website contents and documents .These guidelines are set and framed by concerned judicial authorities . Those users who involve in misuse, misinterpretation and copyright issues will be penalized. It’s good, if you read and understand the guidelines

Do not reproduce or reuse the data posted

It’s not advisable to reproduce or reuse the information posted and we have copyright regulations. Do not violate the regulations and follow them promptly

Privacy policies

Privacy policies being an important section of terms and conditions, you can refer to understand the data collection methods and type of documents collected

Service cancellation or chargeback policies

You can cancel the services if not required and it's the service cancellation or chargeback policies that we follow

If you would like to know more about the rules and regulations, terms and conditions, contact our customer support team at the earliest