Roku Activation - Setup Guide

Roku, the top streaming device platform is on its mission to invite you to the world of entertainment. models are many and each of them will have unique features and specifications

You can get the Roku streaming device as a player or the stick. The stick is a USB type and the player is a box type.

The former needs to be directly inserted into the TV and the later requires the HDMI cable, which will link the TV and the Roku player.

Roku Setup Guide

Roku Streaming Models

  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express

  • Attractive design
  • Excellent performance
  • Roku Express plus
  • Roku Express plus

  • Easy to use
  • Voice remote with TV controls
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Ultra

  • 4K HDR player
  • Voice remote with a headphone jack
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere

  • Compact
  • Excellent streaming quality

How to Setup Roku?

Roku device setup instructions are here, if you would like to know how to setup roku. Select the best model and complete the setup. It’s not a big deal to execute the setup and here we explain the guidelines one by one

Activate Roku Device
  • Select your Roku device

    Check out the reviews and you can decide which model to buy. Features of each model are innovative and include excellent picture quality, internet connectivity options, compatible remote, Roku search and much more

  • Refer the Roku setup manual

    Each device model will have the setup manual provided with the package and you can refer and understand the Instructions one by one

  • Roku Activation - Essential requirements

    1.High-speed internet connection

    2.Roku account

    3.Credit card information

    4.Cables to connect the device

    5.Roku account pin

    6.Roku activation page

  • Initial setup steps

    Switch on the device and you can view a Roku logo that appear on your device display screen .Visit the appropriate settings to set the Language and Display

  • Activate the internet connection

    1.Both wired and wireless connectivity options are available

    2.It’s always brave to select the option, wireless

    3.You will receive a prompt to enter the username and password. The very last step is to click on the connect tab

    4.The green checkmark that appear indicate the connected status. If the checkmark is red, then it’s an indication to start the troubleshooting

How To Create and Activate account

Prior to streaming or activation of Roku Device, you must sign up with Roku. And how do I create one?

  • 1.You could create either before the setup of the Roku device or after.
  • 2.Open the browser on your mobile or PC and type Fill in the necessary fields till you see your Roku com link account.
  • 3.Now, to begin with, Roku activation. Connect the Roku device to your TV by HDMI port.
  • 4.Choose the language and set up the input channel and internet connection.
  • 5.Once the internet connection flows, Promptly the software installs and displays a Roku activation code.
  • 6.Fire up your browser on PC or mobile and enter the website account. Enter the link code and submit and then directly log in with your Roku account and start streaming.

Link your Roku Account - Roku Activation Code

1.Check if the Roku account that you use is active

2.Log in and from your mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet, open the web page URL,

3.You might have noted the Roku activation code while executing the initial and guided setup

4.Enter the Roku com link activation code that appear on the screen

5.Wait for a while and your streaming gadget will be linked to the Roku account

Roku Activation Code
Roku Account Pin

Set the Roku Account Pin

Creating a Roku account Pin is always good to prevent unauthorized channel purchases. Do not know how to create a Roku account Pin? The steps below can help you

1.Sign in to the Roku account

2.Begin your search to find the Pin preference tab

3.There are three choices for you to choose from

a.Require a Pin to make the purchase

b.Always require a Pin to make purchase

c.A pin is not required to make any purchase or add items from the store

4.Select the required option and carry on with the remaining Roku Activation steps that appear

5.As you proceed to activate your favorite channels, you may receive a prompt to provide the Roku account Pin that you have set already

Roku Account Setup without Credit Card

Roku account setup without credit card As you execute Roku account creation steps, you will receive a prompt to submit the credit card information. This data is useful while you subscribe Roku channels .Skip this step and proceed with the remaining steps. This is how you can execute Roku account setup without Credit card. How to login to your Roku account?. For Roku account login, tap on the sign-up URL, Make sure that you enter or type the valid credentials

How to Update the URL Roku.Com/Link Account Without Credit Card?

  • 1.Initially, Open your browser and search for a on your PC or Laptop.
  • 2.Enter your activation code and then click on create an account.
  • 3.Enter your name, email, password, birth date, and gender.
  • 4.Set up your PIN preference.
  • 5.Now you can see the payment gateway. Here you can choose ‘add later’.
  • 6.Finally, see the Divinity of the Roku account.

TV Channels Available on the Roku

Roku provides you access to numerous channels, unlike any TV. You can download any channels that you require from your Roku channel store. Popular choices of channels are:

  • 1.Netflix
  • 2.Sling TV
  • 3.Google play
  • 4.Fandangonow and Vudu
  • 5.Hulu
  • 6.Sports Live on NFL, NBA, CBS Sports, ESPN, FuboTV, Foxsports, etc.
  • 7.WWE Network
  • 8.Flickr
  • 9.Apple TV
  • 10.Bloomberg
  • 11.Spotify Music
  • 12.Live broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS under the Live TV.

Roku Setup Guide

Activate your favorite Roku Channels

  • 1.To start with, power on your device
  • 2.Login to the Roku account
  • 3.Use your Roku remote, click on the streaming channels tab
  • 4.You will be navigated to the channel store
  • 5.You can start the channel search typing the channel name in the search tab
  • 6.As you receive the channel search results, select and use the option, Add channel
  • 7.The added channel will appear on your screen
  • 8.If the channel is not visible, Go to settings>system to perform a system update


    If it’s a free channel, select and use the option, Add channel.For activating the pay channels, contact the service provider to pay the subscription charge.The private channel, also known as the Hidden gems, requires the Private channel access code for activation. Log in and click on the option, Add channel with a code. It’s time to explore the most entertaining Roku channels

If you face any Roku Activation Issues?

If come across few Roku activation issues, which are very common. If you face an error while activation just follow these simple steps:

1.Check with your website link “” Enter the valid code without any mistake.

2.Check with your email address and make sure it is a valid one because Roku sends an activation link to your email id at the time of activation.

3.Check with your internet connection because most of the errors raise if your Roku device is unable to locate the signal.

4.Disconnect all the cables and connection to your Roku device and reconnect it.

5.Restart your Roku device or update the software on your Roku settings.

6.If any if these does not resolve your issue please click on the reset button on your Roku device.

Roku activation issues

If you require more assistance for activating your Roku, account setup, or any Roku help, contact our expert team available round the clock.


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